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War is War

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the erasers live cinema projects is loosely based on le'clezios' book entitled war. the performance deals with the specific actions of war but also metaphorically in areas such as word war(commercial propaganda), image war(visual consumption), bio war(the manipualtion of the human body by/thru technology).

the first area is based on the loss of meaning or the mutation of meaning in language. the physicality of language and its construction/destruction

when language is placed in a hostile context.

the second area is based on the direct and indirect manipulation of the iris thru images. this is based on our work in researching indirect propaganda

in web 2.0.

the third area is based on the biological transformations that are taking place and that are multiplying the possibility that the human body will

become a prosthetic to manufactured anatomies.

the fourth area is based on the investigation into various forms of emergent technologies and how the are connected as far as a the lack of separation between

the tools of war and the tools for our daily existence. for example : how much different is the cockpit of a fighter pilot and the cockpit of a home entertainment game.

the fifth area is a culmination of the previous areas but it also includes the war of our own(performers) physical presence with the audience. in this fifth area the erasers

erase pieces of the above mentioned 4 areas, they erase the line between "stage" and "audience" and ultimately they erase themselves.

we would like to stress that the above mentioned skeleton is communicated through our research into what we call : real time cinematics.

this means that we have gone beyond the area of sound-scaping and v.j'ing and are now working on a hybrid which is based on camera(image) feeds in real

time, in real time editing, in live art and performance. on all levels, real time cinematics, is the physicality of the image.

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07.12.18 | December 7 - 15, 2018

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07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy

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