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Metaphores of the future. Prack!VJ 3 screen set up

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I present a monochrome set on 3 screens, using only real time animations (no movies) that react to sound. All of this is controlled with my "iPrack!", a controller made up of 2 iPod Touch assembled together running OSC software.

My work consists in researching different patterns created from basic shapes that move to the rhythm of the music. By applying different FX, I manage to create new shapes that I associate to the music. The almost exclusive use of the monochrome and two-dimensional scales highlights the shapes and becomes an expressive force that refers to the basics, and contrast with the colorfull cubics 3d spaces, all the movements are full controled by me with my iPrack, and differents oscillators and the music.

Metaphores of the future. An increasingly confused abstract future. A place were defective signals and glitches form the latest fine arts

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Geodesic Led Sphere
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Geodesic Dome
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Builders of a Foreign Nation
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Ghost Flash
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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
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Live Cinema Festival 2018
01.08.18 | September 20 - 23, 2018

Mission humanitaire Afrique
15.07.18 | The NGO Towards a better world

LPM 2018 Rome
07.06.18 | June 7 - 10, 2018 | Rome Italy

25.05.18 | test2

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