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Our Selves - An imaginary dialogue between brainwaves and smartphones

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Our Selves is an audiovisual installation that explores the relation between human brainwaves and smartphone data.
Our Selves creates an immersive visual soundscape and an imaginary conversation between thoughts and smartphone connections data.
The focus of the project is to investigate the notion of technological self, to say how our self changes through the utilization of technology, by creating an immersive digital dialogue.

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Shiny Toys Festival 2017
02.12.17 | festival for time based experiments

LPM 2017 Amsterdam
18.05.17 | 18-21 May

04.05.17 | MalVecino Visual Set

Desert Dreams
28.04.17 | Visual set for Raya

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21.04.17 | MalVecino Visual Set

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