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De -frag-ment

Disorder, reorder, disorder again, reorder again images in motion.
Fragmentation - Defragment sounds.
All these words begin Electromcfly´s Live Cinema.
Motion pictures with different shapes, textures, text, music are conflated.
Different languages ​​are- de-frag-mented; film, video art, animation, live motion code, experimental music, techno music. autogenetic music.
De - frag - ment is a real-time audiovisual work that bring to recover the original meaning of films (moving image in time with the music) and order and combine it with the digital age, the age of today.
De - frag - ment images and sounds manifesting different relationships and meanings.
Des - frag - ment - It takes us on a journey and round to an experimental audiovisual tour where the abstract becomes concrete and conversely
De - frag - ment unexpected improvisation and open development of the order and disorder of moving images of motion images.
De - frag - ment in the digital age - De - frag - ment our sociocultural universe - De-frag-ments the viewer.

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Shiny Toys Festival 2017
02.12.17 | festival for time based experiments

20.10.17 | Festival for Electronic Arts 2017

Extended deadline! Biennial of Digital Art 2018
01.10.17 | FAD - Digital Art Festival

Open Call! Biennial of Digital Art 2018
17.09.17 | FAD - Digital Art Festival

Live Cinema Festival 2017
01.08.17 | August 1 - September 24, 2017 | Rome, Italy

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