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The concept features visuals, captured in microscopic worlds, using macro lenses and microscopes. We filmed and made time-lapses of chemical reactions and relations within different micro-universes and the results are stunning and beautiful visuals. We will present and mix this footage live in an AV set, accompanied by original sound design.

Conceptually, VERWANDLUNG examines the themes of synthesis and transformation, of interrelation between the visual and the sonic, the analogue and the digital, the improvisational and participatory elements, all united by experimental tactics.
To make familiar things look strange and unrecognisable, to surprise and to seduce the audience with the otherworldly visuals and sounds, through their mutations and collisions, as a catalyst for streams of uncanny associations – this is the contextual framework for the AV performance.
The performance will construct itself unpredictably, shifting the focus towards the microcosmic level, which are normally unreachable by the human eye. The focal point of the piece is the simultaneity of illusion and equilibrium, of transition and puzzlement, of intensification and growth.

We have been working on this concept since four years, premiering the first results at LPM in Rome in 2011 and then showcasing it at Electrovision, East End Film Festival and Kinetika. Since than we have developed it further and added new techniques and procedures to the process. It would be a great opportunity for us to show the new material at LPM 2014.

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