et si la, en dessous... / what if , there... underneath

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Video Installation
We are with our bodies, that can not not be

that can not not be IMAGES.

Images, even when lovable, are hopeless, we must accept it.

Only then, can we enter the relationship

and it even becomes desirable.

et si là, en dessous... (what if there, underneath...) takes place inside a dark room, approximately 3x3m wide. The image is projected on the floor from above. The floor is black, as if the screen was immaterial. The projected image is real time video compositing of recorded videos and of the current image of the spectator, taken from above. Everything happens as if the scene was taking place downstairs and we could watch it through an opening in the floor. The spectator is invited to enter a circle close to this hole, and when he does, a new sequence begins. If he gets out of the circle, it finishes.

In the recorded videos, the images of bodies are multiple, nude and clothed, male and female, each attribute being drawn at random. However, there is only a single character drawn among the eleven participants. Thus, in a given sequence, twice the same body, nude and clothed, interacts dowstairs with the image of the viewer: there is no sacred body. The random draw leads to a great combination of situations (currently over 40). One can not actually go back and relive what he experienced the first time. What happens will be similar, but in relation with an unknown figure.

Finally, there is no computer driven interaction, that can be actually verified in the image. Action, if there is, is exerted by the filmed character directly on the image of the spectator. This can be viewed as a critique of the contemporary status of images, and more generally of their technical efficiency, but with some concern not to exclude the possibility of pleasure for the viewer.

site : etsila.listefrouge.net/index_en.html [http://etsila.listefrouge.net/index_en.html]

On vimeo:

• excerpt 1 [http://vimeo.com/20643682]

• excerpt 2 [http://vimeo.com/20644058]

• excerpt 3 [http://vimeo.com/20643873]

• excerpt 4 [http://vimeo.com/20644506]

• video capture 1 [http://vimeo.com/18236179]

• video capture 2 [http://vimeo.com/18251322]


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Scheda tecnica

  • Durata: 7 min.
  • Tipo: Video Installation
recent PC dual-head graphic card (I can bring a SATA disk with ubuntu system, opencv and specific software)

camera, cable, and supporting gear (I can bring)

video projector hanging from the ceiling

dark room (3x3m), dark floor

etsila.listefrouge.net/coupe_en.pdf [http://etsila.listefrouge.net/coupe_en.pdf]

lighting 2 Par 200W 1 above 1 on stand


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4 Marzo 2011
4 Giugno 1963

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About me

I am mainly concerned by the intricacies of human beings and surrounding space. If techniques have always been here to realize or "write" our relation to the world, the involved processes remain largely unpredictable, leaving traces that can be viewed as unexpected and ephemeral representations, individual and collective representations.

By practicing programming and using computer techniques, I am trying to reflect philosophical problems into a virtual, yet practical experiment. Despite the many hidden processes, the interactive user of computer technology is generally lead to think that he/she has means to verify his/her own power. This apparent proof of efficiency is only a belief. I think that what should be really in effect, is the ability to project oneself there, into the situation.

My new media art works have been shown at digital art centers in France such as FILE festival [http://www.lecube.com/en/accueil-tout-public/accueil">Le Cube, 2008 and [ars]numerica, 2007 and was nominee at

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