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30 Dicembre 1984

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About me

New media and sonic artist, performer and teacher, Marco Donnarumma was born in Italy and is based in Edinburgh, UK.

He investigates experimental digital interaction among Man, Nature and technology by means of self-designed responsive computing systems.

Underpinned by principles of post-modernism, new media studies and open source philosophy, his artistic and academic research encompasses diverse topics such as biosensing technology, musical and theatrical performance, participatory practices and semantic hacking of Internet data set.

His works are regularly presented internationally. He has exhibited and performed in 25 countries across South America, Europe, India, China and Australia (among the others, Venice Biennale, WRO Biennale, Némo, Mapping, Piksel, Re-New, Laboral, Pure Data Convention, EMAF, LAC, Visionsonic, Live!iXem, Carnival of e-Creativity, Netaudio).

His projects have been featured on Wired, We Make Money Not Art, Rhizome, Turbulence.org and Micro Art in China.

He received a BA (cum laude) in New Technologies for Arts and Performance at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Italy.

Presently, he investigates experimental paradigms for embodied interaction in performative environments at The University of Edinburgh, supervised by composer and sound artist Martin Parker.

Donnarumma teaches workshops and gives talks for international academic institutions and venues on a regular basis - including NK Berlin; University of London, Glasgow Centre for Contemporay Arts in the UK; UPR Universidad de Puerto Rico; Trinity College and Ulster University in Ireland; Gotland University Institute for New Media Art and Technology in Sweden; Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and Pierluigi da Palestrina Conservatory in Italy.


Since 2007 is a director for the Live Performers Meeting, a leading annual gathering of international new media artists.

He is also an associate at CIRCLE, a group of researchers and creative practitioners at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh and elsewhere.

Other activities include: core developer at FLxER.net, chief editor at Thesaddj.com, contributor at VagueTerrain.net and founder of the Pure Data Scotland User Group.

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