X:Ploration - Cosmic Force live / MinimalRome showcase and more

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Quando: 09.03.18 - 1 anno fa
Tipo: Clubbing
  • Friday 09 March 2018
    23:30 07:00
    Suicide Circus Berlin Germany

The galactic X:Ploration Corp has been underway for quite some time and is now encountering an unknown object. An exploratory team has been sent to investigate. The object should be irradiated from low altitude with Electro-Acoustic signals at different frequencies to determine the nature of the surface. It received unusual signals that suggest intelligent life forms. The results of the investigation and deciphering of the message will be presented soon.


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15 Aprile 2018
10 Febbraio 1985

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Ombra Elettrica is a video artist and graphic designer based in Berlin. She combines her studies in Industrial Design, Visual Communication and Movie Design with her interest for electronic and experimental music to create a visual universe made of little details, patterns, and glitches. As a video artist she has recently performed live at Movement Festival in Detroit and at Supynes Festival in Lithuania, and is steadily supporting international artists, music producers, and record labels with audio reactive live visuals and music videos.

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