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I NOW YOU, 2015
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YOU, 2015
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11 Ottobre 2015
7 Luglio 1974

  • France Ho Chi Minh City

About me

*""Thierry Bernard-Gotteland has been working within the medium of art installation since 1997 when he enrolled at Ecole des Beaux Arts de Grenoble, Fr. Developing a sound practice at the time, concerned by revealing an empty space by its sonic atmosphere, a ghostly presence of his-story. A kinda scanner-ambient in a way. After having started his own first steps on the stage of "Le 102", a famous underground_experimental performance place in Grenoble during his studies (Metamkine directed by Jerome Noetinger (Cellule D'Intervention Metamkine), he's been in residency at Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France within the period of 2002-2004 whereas he developed ''Archigames'' a video-sound installation in 5.1 surround system and ''Blobmeister Millennium Bash'', a behavioral programming AV installation reflecting the data of the NASDAQ in real-time process in 2003-2004 shown at the 'Biennale of Digital Arts' at Issy-Les-Moulineaux suburbs of Paris with Le CUBE art3000 in 2005.""
Olivier Legal, MU-Asso, Paris-Fr. Nuit Blanche Paris - 2005

*TBG works within POSTDIGITALISM, a digital-computer-worlds research platform-based concerning A/V Digital Production located in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam.
AKA: >> Atavism, Antiprism, ... different projects within different computer systems technology.


""Thierry Bernard-Gotteland performs as Atavism, his audiovisual performance alter-ego. Inspired by the likes of SND and Alva Noto, Atavism's generative and minimal sonic layers and vector-based digital visuals are more about creating syn-aesthetic patterns and sequences of sound and image than traditional musical structures.""
Mervin Espina, WSK! The Philippines

*TBG develops his own work while working with contemporary galleries, museums by developing his body of work within the medium of art installtion from a more traditional art point-of-view to installation/digital environment w/ sound/music performances.


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